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Pahawang Island

Pahawang Island Open Trip Summary

Day 1: Pahawang Island Open Trip participants gathered at Alfamart, Merak Port, before midnight, to re-register and settle the tour fee. Afterwards, the participants and tour leader heading to the ferry, leaving to Bakauheni Port.

Day 2: upon arrival in Bakauheni Port, the participants are allowed to have a short break before continue the journey to Ketapang Port. At 4.15, the group leave to Ketapang with a stopover in Hanura Market for breakfast. After arriving in Ketapang Port, all participants change clothes to swimming/snorkelling apparel before sailing to Kelagian Besar island for exploring the beach and taking selfies/groupfies. Afterwards, we will sail to the first snorkelling spot, Cukuh Bedil sea garden and followed by exploring the Small Pahawang island.

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At noon all participants will arrive in Big Pahawang island to check in to the homestay, have lunch, and have a short break. Then we will go to Pager island (exploring & snorkelling) followed by cliff jumping in Teluk Hantu, and sunset hunting in Tanjung Putus (Putus Cape). At the evening, dinner will be served around 19.30 and afterward the participants can explore the Pahawang Besar island, interacting with locals, and/or doing group activites.

Day 3: on early morning, tour participants can do sunrise hunt in Big Pahawang island beach (not far from the homestay). Breakfast will be ready at 7.30 and afterwards we will visit the Nemo neighbourhood not far from Pahawang Besar! After snorkelling and saying Hi to all the clownfishes, participants returned to homestay and get ready to go back to Ketapang Port and to Bakauheni Port. But the trip’s not finished yet: we will stopover at Yen-Yen Shop, the famous shop for banana chips (with sweet and delicious flavors) and other Lampung’s delicacies, and have lunch and the famous Bakso Sony restaurant for noodle ‘n meatball soup. After that, we’re heading to Bakauheni Port to cross the Sunda Strait by ferry to Java. The tour concluded in Merak Port and all participants say their farewell.